Are you an Agnew?


Say you name is George Agnew,

Instead of an email address of

You could have your email go to

wouldn't that be easier to remember

Cost $24.99 per year, USD
what your get You get a email address on our server

The email address will be

a mailbox of 10 MB storage

full featured server with forwarding, auto responder, vacation messager, changeable password, web page and pop3 mail services

How do I receive my emails three options:
  1. You can sign into the web page based email system either the box at bottom of this page or go to and sign into email there. This option can be used anytime to read your email, and is the only way you can send email.
  2. Configure the email box to simply forward mail to your normal email account (user directable)
  3. configure your normal email program to download mail from server

Click here for email setup for various programs such as outlook, outlook express, eudora, mozilla etc.

What you can't do You get an incoming email system, no outgoing SMTP server is provided. To send mail you need either an external (your current method) of SMTP mailer sender, or you may send mail by logging directly into the web page mail system at
what you need to send me to sign up you need to give me your desired name that you what to have proceeding the Names are given on first come first serve basis, and some are currently reserved for our own use.
is it secure when you start, we will set up your account and send you an email (to your original email address) with your password, you should change it. We cannot see your email, clear the account, reset the password etc.

Website address

Instead of having to tell people your home page is

it could simply be

( also works)

Cost $24.99 per Year USD
What you get A subdomain address of or just, either work on the server

The subdomain redirects the vistor directly to you existing webpage hosted on your normal server

what you don't get we do not host your page or site, only give you a subdomain address that privides a direct transfer link to your page
What you need to send us to sign up you need to provide us with your normal website address where your home page is, we will create a link page that redirects the user to your page within a few seconds.

Cost of either one is $24.99 per year (USD)

Payments are to be paid through PayPal, billed yearly for a 12 month period, contact us about other forms of payment

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