Turkey 2001

In Sept of 2001 we travelled to the western region of Turkey

We arrived here just a few days after the event of 9-11 in New York.  To say the least security was at high alert


We arrived in Istanbul, the start of our tour

Night time views from the roof of our hotel

The Hagia Sophia, dating from 537 CE

Views inside Hagia Sophia

More views of Hagia Sophia

A underground water storage area, they turned old Roman columns upside down and used them as roof supports

The spice Bazaar

Endless types of spices and many other items for sale

The old Palace

The chimneys of the kitchen

Some of the rich flooring and wall patterns

The ceiling in one of the rooms

A cage to protect a royal window

A boat tour up the Bosporus

Things you see along the shore

At the north end we stopped and got off the boat.  At the dock, fisherman were working on their gear

A view of the river from near a military base

Old military fortifications

Nice place for a picnic


We work our way down the West part of the country

Visiting the Battle ground of Gallipoli.  This peninsula was the site of a major military Campaign in WW1

We then moved on to the ancient site of Troy, and finally to Assos

We wait for our boat to get moving

We approach the old battle ground, parts left as they were in 1916

The monuments to the fallen

arriving near Troy

Some of the ancient ruined of Troy

A jar once used for olives, at least that is what we were told


Described as a small historically rich town.  It was founded in the 10th Century BCE

On the way to the old ruins are a number of shops and vendors

We approach the temple of Athena

It has a commanding view of the Aegean Sea

Down at the harbour

We watch the sun set


We continue south from Assos by bus, first reaching Pergamon, and then on to Ephesus aka Efus and it's famous library


The city is centred around a 335 M high mesa of Andesite which formed it acropolis

It's history dates back to 400 BCE

The Acropolis

Some of the columns have been place back up, others lay were they fell.

Ephesus, near the town of Selcuk

This city had a number of features, from the Famed Temple of Artemis (550 BCE), the Library of Celsus, and a theatre that could hold 25,000 spectators

An inscription on a floor that marked a place for early Christians to meet.

The Theatre

This was the great Trajan water fountain

The ceiling of the Library of Celsus

Another part of the library of Celsus

Along the Agora (commercial shops)

A set of views from the seating are of the great Theatre

People in the market of Selcuk

Items in the Ephesus Archaeological Museum in Selcuk

The remains of the temple of Artemis at Selcuk

High up on a hill overlooking Selcuk is the Ayasoluk Castle or Fortress

Shots around Selcuk

4- Pamukkale Termessos and Antalya

Leaving Ephesus we first visit Pamukkale, then on to Termessos and Antalya

Pamukkale and Termessos

Parts of the Necropolis (Cemetery) at Pamukkale

Pamukkale means Cotton Castle in Turkish.  The water from a thermal spring is very rich in cabonate materials,  As it dries, it leaves this almost snow like material

Sort of reminds of winter here in Ontario


Termessos is about 1000m above sea level. It is one of the best preserved ancient cities of Turkey. This Theatre is one of the main features

Because of its natural protection of the mountains, Alexander the great failed to capture the city when he surrounded it in 333 BCE


This city located on the Mediterranean is
Turkey's 5th largest.

The Harbour

Waterfalls we saw during our boat tour

They like fishing

Many items for sale in the markets

The harbour at night

5- Konya and Cappadocia

Heading east from Antalya we first visit Konya then on to Cappadocia


Entering town, a gas station beside the Mosque

Interesting items at the Museum

Inside the mosque

The famous minaret

The  sufi whirling dervishes

Around town photos


Famous for it fairy chimneys rock formations. 

It once was covered with volcanic ash, which forms into Tuff, a soft rock that erosion does some magic to

This area was featured on a Star Wars movie

Some chambers carved into the rock. The material is easy to cut into, however with exposure to air, hardens

Just about perfect for making caves

Our group in the cambers

Walking a trail

Fairy chimneys

homes carved into the rocks

A resident of the area

looking out from one of the caves

A condo...

Back in town

This is regarded as a famous pottery area

Underground restaurant, it featured dancers

Back to Istanbul

We returned by train, spending a few days to get there and then home

Shooting info

Film: 46 rolls or 1656 slides images, plus 24 rolls or 864 images on print film

Camera bodies: Canon 1v, Elan,

Lens: Canon: 17/35 f2.8L, 70/200 f2.8L IS, 15mm fisheye, 2x teleconverter

Lens: Tamron  28/200 super AF on the Elan


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