Edward Agnew and Frances Agnew, Walkerton,  ON Canada

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BLOG 2010 onwards
The Current Travel Journal from

Feb 01, 2010 to present

BLOG 2008-09

The Travel Journal Jan 01, 2008 to Jan 31, 2010

BLOG 2006-2007

with photos and maps for the May 2006 to end of 2007 period

Summer in Ontario, winter in Texas/New Mexico

summer trip west
BLOG 2005-2006

With photos and maps, including Yukon, Alaska, BC, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Mid West US, and New England

Old Travel Photos before 2005

Photos from various trips

Current 1995 to 2001 range

Details about the

"Dog House"

our home on the Road 2001-2007, sort of miss that old rig


Link to the photography pages of Edward Agnew

Older family photos, a link to my photography Blog

Info on:

  • Photo gear that I use or have owned
  • Software for photography
  • Related electronic devices
  • wildlife and nature photos


Link to Agnew Technologies, Digital/Analog/RF design services

I'm most retired now, but fun to remember

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Local Events

Clifford's 2017 Home Coming Fireworks

Travel Video Shows

2020 Egypt              47 Mins.

2020 Jordan           45 Mins.

2019 Argentina Chile Uruguay  50 Mins

2018 New Zealand   51 Mins.

2018 Colorado        55 Mins.

2017 Ireland          44 Mins.

2016 Costa Rica      39 Mins.

Older slide shows shot on film

2001 Turkey            44 Mins.

2001 A weekend in Rome    15 Mins.

2000 Morocco           32 Mins.

1999 Peru                  42 Mins.

1997 Scotland            35 Mins.

1995 China              42 Mins.

updated  2021 03 11

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